Our Services

Your idea is our mission: Schubert Business Development develops and promotes innovation and business models for tomorrow’s markets.

We see ourselves as visionaries, communicators, drivers and investors extending far beyond the packaging industry. In four fields of activity, Schubert Business Development supports founders, creative minds and entrepreneurs in a variety of ways. As partners, we jointly create new growth opportunities and successfully exploit undiscovered market potential. And we look forward to making you even more successful!


Strategic partnerships make sense when both partners benefit. After all, some ideas and visionary goals can only be brought to life profitably together. As a partner, Schubert Business Development not only offers international network contacts in and outside the packaging industry, but also acts as a communicator to initiate and facilitate new business and collaborative relationships.

Starting up

A new start-up is sometimes the easiest way to reach the desired goal. Schubert Business Development acts as founder or co-founder of companies and start-ups with innovative business ideas. We provide advisory services on all questions pertaining to the establishment of a company – legal, commercial and personnel-related. If required, we also provide support with start-up financing.


As a powerful investor, Schubert Business Development supports companies and start-ups in a variety of ways. This may include equity investments, growth financing and start-up support as well as the purchase of interesting companies or businesses. Our focus is generally on companies with strong potential and a good team that is fun to work with.


Identifying market potential and transforming it into new business models is our major strength. Schubert Business Development advises and accompanies companies on the way to developing future-oriented corporate strategies. Potential for sustainable growth and increased profitability is recognised and developed together with you.