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Entrepreneurship à la Schubert

Successfully capitalising on market potential and new ideas

With Schubert Business Development GmbH, we aim to identify market trends and opportunities, and to promote and develop innovations for your specific industry. As an autonomous company that is independent from Gerhard Schubert GmbH, we are pursuing forward-looking strategic partnerships with companies in and outside the packaging industry.

We will be developing new business models with existing partners in the packaging industry, but we will also be happy to explore entirely new approaches with you to diversify our current business in the packaging industry. With us, you benefit from a strong international network that brings contacts together and highlights undiscovered market potential.

We also support and promote start-ups – analytically, with ideas and as investors. Schubert Business Development not only supports start-ups, it also promotes investments in and the acquisition of existing companies. All consulting services related to founding a business, succession, participation and takeover are of course part of our mandate..

Our business fields


Strategic partnerships to develop and promote innovation

Starting up

Start-ups and companies


Participation in and acquisition of new and existing companies


Development of market opportunities for industrial companies through new business models