A proven passion for
creative business

The trailblazing spirit of the second Schubert generation

With Schubert Business Development, the two brothers Gerald and Ralf Schubert are fulfilling their passion as entrepreneurs and investors. They are the sole shareholders of the new company and together with Peter Gabriel and other partners, they are committed to expanding activities in the field of packaging technology and beyond. All three possess a wealth of experience and a vast international network of contacts. With a visionary instinct, they track market trends and translate them into new business opportunities with determination and creativity.

The fact that successful entrepreneurship and pioneering spirit are part of the Schubert family’s DNA is demonstrated by the leadership role that father and senior Gerhard Schubert built up as a packaging machinery manufacturer. He and his two sons, Ralf and Gerald, developed the company over the last decades into a world market leader. Gerald Schubert, together with his brother Ralf, is a shareholder of Schubert Business Development GmbH and manages the new company alongside Peter Gabriel, who is also the Commercial Director of the Schubert Group.


Managing Partner and Shareholder

Gerald Schubert

Graduate in Mechanical Engineering

Shareholder of the Schubert Group

Ten years of management in international systems engineering

30 years of experience in international project management, marketing and sales, most recently as Managing Director of Gerhard Schubert GmbH

Ralf Schubert

Graduate in Computer Science

Managing Director of Gerhard Schubert GmbH

Shareholder of the Schubert Group

Head of Schubert development and Technical Director.

30 years of experience in the development of mechanical engineering and automation,
and the expansion of a large medium-sized company

Peter Gabriel

Graduate in Economics

Managing Director/CFO of the Schubert Group

Managing Director Schubert Packaging Systems GmbH / Systems engineering

30 years of experience in the fields of finance, human resources, organisational development

More than ten years of experience with operator models